About Us

Our Mission

Our sincere mission is to help close the long-standing achievement gap in the Minneapolis community by breaking down the barriers for people of color. Our firm belief is that the Minneapolis technology sector has lacked diversity since its inception, and we aim to provide an opportunity for people of color to create wealth. 

Born out of the time of George Floyd, the volunteer members of our coalition consistently strive to create a supportive community for diverse job seekers to break through and achieve success in the areas of sales, customer success, and marketing. 


What We Do

Simply put, we make it easy for people to meet by connecting employers and job seekers.

Here's How We Help

For Employers, our commitment is to put in the time and energy to use our connections and bring forth qualified, diverse candidates. We can help you do your part to close this important gap. It's About Time. 



For Job Seekers, our commitment is to provide you with mentorship, education and connections within the tech community, which should help you gain employment and succeed faster. It's About Time.